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Soldati Hearts Complete Series Audiobook Bundle

Soldati Hearts Complete Series Audiobook Bundle

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Let the good times roar! In these fun, sexy novellas you'll find yourself on the edge of your seat as secrets are revealed, forbidden romance blooms and true love wins.

What to expect:

  • Fated mates
  • Snarky humor
  • Adventure
  • grumpy X sunshine
  • Forced proximity
  • Entertaining shifter shenanigans


★★★★★ "This book was so good. It was full of laughter and love."

★★★★★ "There's humor and drama and romance, and I highly recommend it."

★★★★★ "Charlie Cochet never fails to deliver an exciting read."



The Complete Soldati Hearts Series:

  • The Soldati Prince
  • The Foxling Soldati
  • The Soldati General


Available in Signed Paperback | eBook | Audiobook

Book Description

Book 1: The Soldati Prince

One moment, Riley Murrough is living a normal life working in a coffee shop, and the next, he’s running for his life from demons, learns he bears the mark of a shape-shifter king from a magical realm, and—worst of all—he’s destined to become the mated prince to the arrogant tiger-shifter he would rather strangle.

Khalon, the shifter king, is equally distraught at the idea of being bound to a human prince, and along with his Soldati warriors, he sets out to return Riley to his own world, where he belongs. On their journey, they might discover why the goddess brought them together—if they can escape the demons and make it to her alive.

Book 2: The Foxling Soldati

Foxling Toka has served the Soldati king for centuries, and now he attends to the kingdom’s cherished Soldati prince. It’s a position of honor, and as Toka helps the once-human prince adapt to their magical realm, he finds joy in their friendship. He also grows bolder in his encounters with Rayner, Soldati warrior and the king’s second. But the laws are clear: servants and Soldati are not permitted to mate. It doesn’t matter that Toka lost his heart to the dashing cad long ago.

Rayner never imagined he would fall in love with a servant, but the clever and beautiful foxling has ensnared him, and he resents the regulations keeping them apart. When an arrogant and spiteful king visits from a neighboring realm, Rayner is in danger of losing everything. But Soldati warriors don’t surrender, and he intends to fight all the harder to keep Toka where he belongs—in Rayner’s arms.

Book 3: The Soldati General

A powerful, yet awkward, Soldati healer. A retired Orso general. A plot to kill the king. A secret that could destroy them all.

The Summer Solstice Festival has arrived in the Soldati realm, and guests from all over flood the kingdom to join the festivities. But the excitement is shadowed by rumors of an Orso plot to kill the king. Now Ezra and the Soldati council must protect Khalon’s secret—and stop a conspiracy that could destroy the Soldati and the human world they protect.

As Ezra and General Segreti explore their growing affection, a dangerous game begins, but are they the pawns or the players? Can their hearts survive the final checkmate?

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