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Sleigh It Ain't So - The Kings: A Treemendous Christmas Book 2

Sleigh It Ain't So - The Kings: A Treemendous Christmas Book 2

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Fitz Harlow has the idyllic life he always dreamed of. With the fashion industry a distant memory, he now revels in the joy of running his own salon. In addition to his flourishing career, Fitz has found the love of his life, Jack, and inherited a colorful family of former Green Berets and their loving partners. And who could forget his adorable poodle princess, Duchess? But life isn't all sprinkles and gingerbread. As Jack becomes consumed by his work, cracks appear in their fairy-tale love story.

When their family is whisked away to the charming town of Winterhaven for the holiday season, Fitz eagerly embraces the festive merriment. Amidst the delightful matchmaking chaos and mischievous antics, can the enchantment of Christmas in Winterhaven work its magic to help Fitz and Jack rediscover the spark that first ignited their love?

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