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Not So Silent Night - The Kings: A Treemendsous Christmas Book 1

Not So Silent Night - The Kings: A Treemendsous Christmas Book 1

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Escape to a Winter Wonderland with CEO and billionaire Colton Connolly as he embarks on a shenanigan-filled journey in search of the idyllic white Christmas he’s always craved. Inspired by the enchantment of his favorite holiday movies, Colton surprises his beloved husband and their found family with a trip to the captivating mountain town of Winterhaven.

However, beneath the twinkling lights, unexpected trouble awaits. A miscommunication leaves the town in dire straits, threatening to steal away the magic of Christmas. Determined to save the day, Colton rallies his family, ready to overcome any obstacle and ensure that Christmas in Winterhaven is nothing short of perfect.

Join Colton, Ace, and the Four Kings Security family as they embark on a quest to rescue Winterhaven from its frosty woes. Will they succeed in delivering the most unforgettable Christmas imaginable, or will this charming town lose its cherished festivities forever?

This holiday series is a spin-off from the Four Kings Security Universe. It’s recommended that you read the Four Kings Security series, as well as The Kings: Wild Cards series before reading this series as these are established characters who have previously had their own books. The shenanigans begin with Love in Spades, Four Kings Security, Book 1 (Colton and Ace’s book).

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